B-BBEE and Transformation Intelligence

We provide business intelligence and transformation strategies related to BEE to enable organisations to reach their desired BEE compliance levels and transformation objectives. We do this with a beyond BEE scorecard approach focused on creating shared value and real, authentic and sustainable transformation.

The products and services that we offer to support organisations in their transformation includes;
  • Assisting clients in starting their B-BBEE compliance journey through
    • Setting compliance objectives, and
    • Implementing a process to track BEE compliance.
  • Transfer knowledge through B-BBEE Regulations, BEE Codes and Sector Codes training.
  • Conduct B-BBEE baseline assessments and Scorecard gap analysis
  • Transformation strategy development & implementation support
  • Transformation strategy development includes
    • Internal stakeholder engagement
    • BEE Scenario planning
    • BEE Options testing
    • Pathways to reaching transformation targets
  • BEE Scorecard Maintenance:
    • Scorecard calculation,
    • Analysis and verification support
  • Fronting risk assessments & opinions
  • Ownership structuring advice and advice and impact analysis on BEE ownership deals, mergers and acquisitions
  • Mandated Investments and black ownership analysis
    • Bespoke BEE ownership reports with strategic ownership positioning options
  • Setting up Broad-Based Ownership schemes and impact vehicles
  • Organisational assessment for transformation (ecosystems, barriers & governance structures)

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